The Animal Masquerade Ball Has Been Changed to TOMORROW, NOT TODAY. SORRY GUYS!

Hey guys, so sorry for the confusion. I have changed the event for tomorrow, AKA Sunday, September 25th, 2016.

Because my stepdad could maybe die soon and so we are having a get together tonight. Sorry guys. Cya tomorrow hopefully.


The Date May Have Changed For The Animal Masquerade Ball!!! πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

The Date Of The Animal Masquerade Ball MAY Have Changed! πŸ™€Hey guys so due to some pixies most likely not being able to make it this Saturday and me becoming busy, I may not be able to do this Saturday. THIS …


The Animal Masquerade Ball Is Here On Worlize! Join now! πŸ€—

Welcome Pixies, welcome all! I am hosting the first Animal Masquerade Ball ever to be recreated to! You all wanted PixieHollow before fairyabc came out but now that it’s out nobody plays worlize. I just want a chance for us all to get together on worlize again because most of us pixies joined worlize FOR PixieHollow. We can’t just quit worlize because of something better! Who’s with me? Lol!!! also, I can’t play fairyabc. No computer. I use an app called Puffin Browser for worlize, but the google chrome and firebox browser apps won’t load my fairyabc at all! My friend, BREEZY CLOUDLASHES, created an account for me! Thank you again Breezy! 😸


meanwhile as I am posting this, she’s chatting with her right now! Although I’m pretty sure she’s gone crazy, she’s still my friend and I love craziness! Reason why I think she went crazy a minute ago? She was just saying she’s queen of the world randomly out of nowhere. She wanted me to talk about her so ya XD there ya go sprinkles the cupcake! (That’s my nickname! I am giving nicknames to people. LOL)

and also, I would like to talk more about this event. I will do my best to somewhat get the fireworks to work..SOMEHOW…

i have a whole week to figure that out XD

the event takes place ALL DAY next Saturday.

(Saturday, September 3rd, 2016!)

i really hope hope you all can make it, because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen some of you! Hope you come! It’ll be a fliterific day if I see all of you there!

Fly with you!

-Julie TulipBlossom


take us seriously!

hey guys…so…my friend, Harmony, on worlize pointed out to meh that i haven’t been posting lately. she also told me that ppl don’t rlly take her seriously. i hate that. people dont take us seriously for who we USED to be!!! notice i put that in caps! PEOPLS CHANGE YOU IDIOTS! if u ppl can’t take that, then u are stupid idiots! SO TAKE US SERIOUSLY CAUSE WE ARE MORE BRAVE AND STRONGER THEN WE USED TO B! thanks for your cooperation. -julie…err…whatever. JUST KNOW IM NOT A PIXIEHOLLOW PERSON MANIAC ANYMORE SO SHUT UP! ugh. sorry im sick of it. -UMH-